Monday, 9 January 2012

Wanna Get More Money?

Of course you do here is some ways how...

Well you need to have a lot of movies so people can rate them for you to get money and they will have some too! Just simply ask them to watch (I don't know what they will say.) If they say yes.... YAY! The highest amount you can get from this is 25 sc which adds up!

Also you can watch other peoples movies to get 10 sc short movies help if they have loads and you still will get 10 sc no matter how many stars you rate it! Watch out for good movies! ( I have good ones! :D )

The wheels when you log on the for both wheels is put together is...250 sc WOW

Ask people to love you looks for money and fame!

This goes for artbooks aswelll  Megsie-rules1 has lovely poems on her artbooks!

Well try to do these for MONEY!!!  There might be more!



  1. I am Diamonds0405 add mwa :) on usa msp Luff ur blog coco!!!

  2. Ello! Im PumpchkinLizzie123 Plz Add meh im vip lolz!

  3. i like how you don't tell a hack
    look up Rose Neon123 on movie star planet then add me

  4. im xxmrscupcakesxx add me plzzzz

  5. Go to They watch your movies and rate it 5 stars also love your artbooks!I heard they will be making a wishy generator too! CAN'T WAIT!

  6. on msp my name is Sammy Shorts start S are capital