Wednesday, 4 April 2012

EASTER EGG HUNT!!!! -Winner-

Thanks to everyone that entered the: EASTER EGG HUNT!!! You did well! But we have one winner she was the first person to get the right answer it's...
diva2345 its says right there what the right answer was but here is the picture:
It shows where the eggs are right there! You guys got close but i tricked you out! Look below the map! Mwhaaaa haaa haaaaaaa! LOL! Here is what she wins:
Hope you  like it diva2345! Well done and thanks for entering guys!


  1. cool thank you COCOcool, I really like it and btw
    i am Diva2345

    1. Lol kol i;ll send it to you!

    2. hi COCO one question is there really an easter egg hunt on moviestar planet (msp)? if there is can you please tell me how to doi it if you know thank you

    3. Yep there is and add me on msp and then i will give you clues!

    4. i really need help. i dont know how to activate it :(

  2. hey umm... how do u make ur blog have photos of msp on there!