Sunday, 8 January 2012

Intro ( All about me and this Blog!)

                                              Coco's MSP Blog
This is my blog I try to post everyday to keep up with MSP but im sorry if i don't. There are other people that have blogs about MovieStarPlanet here are some more to look at: Megsie-rules1 moviestarplanet blog and Amy's MovieStar Site. You can mail me on MSP so you can shout out to someone and i will put your shout out on herebut i might not be able to put everyone i get!

                                  About ME!!
So I'm Coco (well that's my nickname) you might know me as COCOcool12 on MSP I am very happy if you want to be my friend, just add me! By the way i have quite alot of friends.  

       I really hope you like my blog