Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Interview with ~Devilish~

ME: Do you like my blog
HER: Yes i like your blog
ME: Do you LOVE my blog?
HER: Absolutely!
ME: Cool ,have you been to any other blogs?
HER: Many but not as good as yours!
ME: OMG thanks! Have you been to Megsie-rules1 blog?
HER: Yeah.
ME: What do you think of it?
HER: Its interesting but no offence to her i like yours better!
ME: But do you still like it?
HER: Yes
ME: Have you done my poll?
HER: Yes i did it i remember now.
ME: What did you put?
ME: So you don't have any pets?
HER No. I'm hoping to, i'm saving up!
ME: So do you like the new video bar i put in i change the videos everyday!
HER: Yes i love them!
ME: what do you feel like being interviewed for my blog?
HER: I was very excited when you asked me!
ME: Well thank you  for this interview ~Devilish~
HER: No problem!

That was ~Devilish~ Add her shes really nice!!!

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